Agencia de Desenvolupament del Berguedà Consorci

Berguedà is a “comarca” (administrative division of the province of Barcelona) of 1185 Km2 located 100 Km north of Barcelona city that groups 31 municipalities and a total of 39.446 inhabitants.

In Berguedà there are: 19 public elementary schools (called generically schools); 5 public centers of secondary and higher education; 1 private-arranged center of preschool, primary, secondary, high and technical education; 1 private center-arranged primary and secondary education; 2 private-arranged centers for primary education. There are about 3000 children in preschool and primary levels and 1500 in secondary schools.

The Berguedà Development Agency is a public entity that works for the development of Berguedà’s economic promotion policies (including educational and training activities in partnership with schools).
The Development Agency’s staff consists of 26 people distributed as follows: 1 general manager, 3 directors, 2 superior technicians, 11 medium technicians, 6 teachers/trainers, 3

Development agency of Berguedà is organized into three areas:
• Career guidance: From where it gives guidance, training and advice to people to find work and also training adapted to the labor needs of the region.
• Company: From where entrepreneurship and support to start-up businesses are encouraged, as well as support for businesses to grow and consolidate.
• Tourism: From where the tourism and commercial promotion and commercialization of the Berguedà is promoted and the municipalities and the companies in the matter of tourism
• are supported.

Moreover, the Berguedà Development Agency carries out three actions in educational centers:
1) Catalog of resources by Educational Centers
These catalogs bring together all the actions implemented by the Berguedà Development Agency and the Berguedà County Council that can be applied to the Education Centers in the

2) Innovate PETIT program
The PETIT Program is a project where 3 or 4 students make up different innovation teams in the classroom. Each team designs and creates an innovative product that improves the quality of life of people, working autonomously through guided teaching.
The program promotes communication, creativity, innovation and the development of entrepreneurial capacities between different social agents, in the hands of students of Compulsory Secondary Education.
In the first phase of the process, they observe and analyze the environment to detect needs or problems. Once detected, they generate ideas that can be given a tangible solution.
They analyze the feasibility of each idea and select the most feasible, making it a reality. Thus entering the second phase of the project, the construction of the prototype. Finally, they see the possibilities of marketing it and are working on the final phase aimed at launching the product, presenting it at the INNOVA SMALL EXPO.
The Berguedà Development Agency acts as a promoter and coordinator of the program in our “comarca” and we put our resources at the service of the entrepreneurial spirit of the students. Internally, we coordinate all the tasks, develop the program in an identical way to all the schools and evaluate its performance.
From the Berguedà Development Agency and with the support of Valnalon technicians, the training for the teachers is carried out and the material and didactic resources are provided for the work in the institutes, the teachers and students are accompanied, we carry out follow-up visits to in the classrooms, we organize a joint market in Berga among all the participating cooperatives, where they sell the products they have made during the school year, we organize interviews with the mayors of their municipalities to present their projects, and we organize visits of entrepreneurs of the “comarca” to the schools.

3) Fostering entrepreneurship at school with the CUEMA and EJE programs
The main objective of the program is to spread the entrepreneurial culture among children and young people in order to facilitate them to acquire entrepreneurial capacities from an early age.
We work on competences and values such as teamwork, oral expression, decision-making initiative, autonomy, cooperation between students, teachers and even centers, contact with NGOs and social organizations, etc. All this allows integrating education and business in one project, allowing students to understand the real operation of a company, how they must relate to the environment and promote a project through teamwork. At the same time, this integration of the company within education, in the future, must enable, promote employment and allow the population to take root, especially in territories such as ours.