Eurêka 21

Eurêka 21 (E21) has been created in 2008 and is a consultancy organization specialized in European cooperation and sustainable developement. Eurêka 21 bases its activities on a general baseline: “Be inspired from the best of Europe in order to progress at the local level”. E21 is persuaded that European openness is a means for all the stakeholders to think and act differently, innovate and improve their own practices and policies.
Eurêka 21 accompanies public and private organizations and helps them to work with other organizations all over Europe through benchmarking and networking activities particularly.

As an organization, Eurêka is itself used to work in an intercultural context with other European partners. Using its own experience, Eurêka 21 is also able to help and orientate other organizations to work in an intercultural environment. Eurêka 21 has accompanied European stakeholders, both public and private organizations, in their cooperation projects.
Within the framework of our different missions, we have concieved and written several pedagogical guidelines and tools. Moreover, we are able to adapt the content of these guides to different targets, according to their own objectives, experiences, structures, nationalities, ages…
Eurêka 21 moderates training courses on European cooperation and more especially on the advantages to cooperate nowadays in Europe, on citizenship, promotion of cultural exchanges…

E21 also runs a blog of best practices ( in order to showcase concrete experiences carried out by local and European stakeholders. Thanks to this blog, we can highlight practices and stakeholders all over Europe and inspire stakeholders at a local level. Moreover, Eurêka 21 is developing now a radio chronicle on euradio (a European
webradio), the first chronicles are foreseen for the spring.

Its activities can be summed up as follows:
• In terms of training: E21 is a training organization with an experience both in training courses moderation and pedagogical tools/guidelines.
• In terms of comparative analysis at the European level: E21 realizes benchmarks on different issues, such as environemental, climate change, youth initiatives, social innovation and inclusion, mobility management, women entrepreneurship, social acceptability of eco districts, youth employment, social and solidarity economy…
• In terms of support in the implementation of new policies: E21 helps public authorities or private organizations to innovate their policies, by leading them to the discovery of European best practices and facilitating the transfer of these practices at their own level (mainstreaming and capitalisation process).