Syndicat mixte Canigó Grand Site-Coordinator

The purpose of our organisation is to preserve and enhance all the elements of the natural and cultural heritage on the Canigó massif, and more generally, to develop all actions contributing to the cultural and tourist development of the territory, in respect for the spirit of the place. Thus, in application of the values and policy of “Grand Site de France”, the Syndicate is responsible for the preservation, management and enhancement of the heritage of the Canigó massif and its area of influence. To do this, it carries out its action by pursuing two complementary approaches:
• Preservation and management of the heritage core comprising the classified site (23,212 ha) and the 3 Natura 2000 sites located on the summit part of the massif, managed by the Syndicate;
• The development, within the framework of structuring and partnership projects, of the heritage resources of the whole of its territory of intervention (massif, valleys, balconies, piedmont).

In conjunction with the skills and missions of local development stakeholders, the Syndicate acts to ensure:
• steering and leading territorial strategies or dynamics,
• improvement, enhancement and transmission of knowledge * (studies, monitoring, resources, educational contents, etc.),
• networking of actors and facilitation of public/private cooperation and partnerships with all sectors, incl. educational sector,
• developing direct operations as a contracting authority or delegated contracting authority (carried out under management or outsourced),
• application for procedures (calls for projects, contracts, etc.) allowing the capture of resources for the territory to reinforce our actions
• project support (expertise, technical or financial engineering) contributing to the territorial project within the framework of partner contracting authorities.
• promotion of the territory in accordance with the objectives of the territory projects and the values of the “Grands Sites de France”.
• public information and awareness (residents, users and visitors).

The Syndicat gathers 62 members (60 municipalities, Province and National Forest Office) and employs 10 persons, around which gravitate a multitude of private, public, associative
or individual partners concerned by one of the following themes linked to the sustainable development project of our territory:
• the landscape enhancement of perspectives and points of view, landscaping improvement work, rationalization of signage, …,
• the natural heritage: fauna, flora, geology, natural areas, agro-environmental practices, etc., for knowledge purposes, management and promotion
• the cultural heritage: vernacular, industrial, mining, pastoral heritage, etc., for knowledge, management and promotion purposes
• roaming and outdoor activities: practice sites, routes, activities, sector, accommodation, …,
• the tourism sector: tourism promotion, tourism development, qualification of the offer, promotion of local products and local know-how, …,
• the flow management: signage, traffic plan, flow observations via eco-meters, etc.