Pieriki Anaptixiaki S.A. O.L.A.

Local Development Company PIERIKI ANAPTIXIAKI S.A. O.L.A. (PIERIKI) was founded on August 1991. Its activities are prescribed by the wider European philosophy, for more essential decentralisation, with active contribution in the planning and management of the development resources, through the coordination of all local institutional authorities, regional authority, municipalities (responsible for schools operation), professional authorities, cultural associations, agricultural associations, mountaineering associations.

Along with its consulting and technical character, the company promotes innovative development initiatives for the more effective absorption of national resources and E.C. allocations, in collaboration with Local Administration Organizations, production – development institutions and Regional Authorities. Τhe company’s strategy determines its contribution in the evolution, exploitation, promotion, growth, management and protection of the natural and human resources, cultural heritage, and industrial growth of Pieria Prefecture. Pieria prefecture has vast natural richness: Mount Olympus, Titaros and the mountain range of Pieria, the coastal wetlands and the sea complete the integrated ecosystem of Pieria. Both taken as a whole and in its individual parts, the land of Pieria can be seen to be one of great environmental and natural wealth, with a particularly wide variety of plants and animals. It offers an ecological and aesthetic variety of great worth, a characteristic element in satisfying the most demanding visitor. The area of Pieria is an area rich in cultural attractions of great historical and archaeological interest.

These attractions range from the wealth of findings at the Neolithic Settlement in Makrigialos through the remains of Pydna to the ruins of the City of Dion and the Castle at Platamonas. Monasteries and Churches are to be found in abundance, bearing witness to the extensive history of the area. The total population reaches 131.650 inhabitants.
Along with its consulting and technical character, the company promotes innovative development initiatives for the more effective absorption of national resources and E.C. allocations.

The strategic aims of Pieriki are:
(a) the scientific and technical support of local authorities, as well as to all local actors who contributes to local development
b) the promotion of entrepreneurship, economical and, more generally, sustainable development of Local Authorities of Pieria Regional Unit
(c) the development of environmental protection activities and social development activities. Pieriki has implemented several programmes and projects aiming to the sustainable development and environmental protection of protected areas. Moreover, it has funded projects for municipalities on sustainable development. Finally, it has organised several training courses in several sustainable sectors, especially energy efficiency and sustainable techniques.
(d) the participation in the implementation of policies and programmes in local or wider geographical areas (regional, national, European)in collaboration with the authorities and the productive institutions of Pieria.
Pieriki has nine permanent staff members and several external collaborators, depending on the projects undertaken. Two of the staff members are agriculturists, four are engineers (architect and civils), two economist and one forester. They offer many years of expertise in several projects related to preservation of environmental/natural and cultural heritage. The
staff members have undertaken several tasks related to the protection of protected areas (especially the protected national park of Olympus) and the recording, enhancement and promotion of natural heritage of the area (monuments, architecturally and historically protected villages, archaelogical parks).