Il Bosso Formazione Soc Coop

The ‘’Soc Coop Il Bosso Formazione’’ is a training organization, accredited by the Abruzzo Region as a Regional training organization. It provides courses at different levels and for different target users. All courses are generally linked to the environment and environmental sustainability, both intended as a true safeguard and as a sustainable enhancement of resources. Inside “Il Bosso Formazione’’, there is an Environmental Education Center recognized by the Abruzzo Region according to the regional law. : at this link you will find the complete catalog of activities) for schools, for citizens, adults, seniors, professionals, athletes of all ages. For example, before the arrival of Covid19, we were working with about 50 schools, and we were also carrying out a training course for Cycle Tour Guide with 15 young local professionals. One month ago a course for Environmental Educators was concluded. It was attended by 10 young graduates. Other examples are the lessons about Environment and active citizenship that we hold for the University of the Third Age of the Tirino Valley.

All the programs are held for
• the knowledge of the mountain territory, with walks, trekking and snowshoeing
• the knowledge of the river by foot, by mountain bike and by Canadian canoes
• the knowledge of the forest ecosystem and its inhabitants, nutrition programs, on typicality and local archeology and a lot of other themes always with the same purposes.

A lot of our projects were born with a strong cooperation between us and schools teachers. This collaboration is very important to involve the project in the ordinary curricula. All the activities start when a teacher contacts us in order to carry out with the classes some programs about a certain topic. At this point our educators need some information for a good project proposal. It is necessary to know the number of pupils, the age, the type of school attended, the eventual presence of pupils with disabilities and the type, the objectives that the teacher wants to achieve, the time available, the opportunity to do outdoor activities and the state of knowledge of the topic by the class. After getting this information our educators begin to write different design assumptions with different kind of activities and start to work with the teacher in order to adapt the project to the needs of the class. After several analysis and comparison, everything is ready for the start of the project. At the end of the project, educators always look for a way to carry out verification. This verification in the past was done only with tests, today it is done in the field, with hands-on activities and games that allow you to understand the degree of effectiveness of this method.

After this last step, the educator writes a short report to the teacher, which explains the critical points and strengths of the entire project. In the summer months, when the schools are closed, we organize summer camps dedicated to children aged 5 to 14, with sports activities in nature, knowledge of the area and manual workshops all done surrounded by nature.

These fields over the year have become a strong reference point for a lot of Municipalities and families who are really satisfied to allow a great nature experience to their children, driven by highly qualified personal that work for Cooperative IL Bosso Formazione since long time.

Soc Coop Il Bosso Formazione operates in Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, in the Capestrano area, 50km from the town of L’Aquila, in the Tirino River Valley, one of cleanest river of Europe. The Cooperative is made up of 7 members, and has 4 permanent employees and about 15 collaborators in the moments of greatest work, from March to October. All staff are highly qualified in training and environmental education.