CETT is a leading vocational and higher education school in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy. CETT Barcelona is affiliated to the University of Barcelona. It offers all available training and study levels (technical training, University graduate and postgraduate, continuous training for professionals as well as custom-made courses for companies).

We have a true International vocation and our highly specialized team of professionals provides students with a model for knowledge creation and transfer, based on rigour, innovation and experience.

Over 50 years, CETT has become a hub that connects people and links academia with the business and public administration sectors. We are committed to those who live the learning process as an impulse for growth and as an opportunity to reach their life goals through interaction with the environment and others. We have 157 people permanently working in CETT, 327 teachers, 2400 students and 19500 alumni from 50 different nationalities.

Our expertise and capability of making a difference in the sector, allows CETT students to live a unique learning experience which mirrors real life and enables them to face and anticipate new challenges and emerging trends. For instance, the educational sector is suffering important transformations nowadays; the new habits of children regarding the use of technologies recommend teachers to adapt their learning methodologies and tools to keep the interest of students. The use of fix or mobile devices together with the appropriate software programs, applications and tools is of the outmost importance to catch their attention and engage them to be well predisposed to become “ambassadors” of their destination. Tools like Edmodo, Socrative, Kahoot, Quizizz or Alt Space Vr, allow collaborative work between teachers and students and networking.

We make a firm commitment to our community and we foster a constant spirit of transformation and that is why CETT adds value in order to make the tourism sector more professional and sustainable. A few years ago, we followed a process of greening (introduction of environmental aspects) in all the subjects of our training curriculum so that all the contents taught in our classrooms would take those aspects into account. Besides, we offer specific subjects focused in tourism and sustainability and even a Master degree called “Responsible and sustainable tourism” and another one called “Tourism management of natural and cultural heritage”.

CETT is both a center for professional and university training, and we have 50 years of experience managing activities and trainings with young people. Beyond the training, our core activity, we also organize seminars, professional meetings, field visits with our professional guides for our students, both local and international. On the other hand, our university research group members regularly present communications and papers in congresses all over the world related to tourism and education.